Palette Cookbook*

A cookbook that uncovers the recipes that fed the artists, the thinkers, and the leaders of the Renaissance.

The stories that have come from the Renaissance have been told many times over, to the point where some may start to find them boring. This book attempts to refresh old yet important stories by focusing on a new protagonist: the food. Want to know a recipe for Leonardo’s favorite meal, chickpea soup? Curious to hear about the marchpane referenced in one of Shakespeare’s plays? This book highlights the recipes that sustained the characters of the stories we know so well.

The cookbooks visuals take on a historic feeling with dark, warm, and muted colors that complement the luxurious typefaces used. Paintings were pulled from artist such as Leonardo Da Vinci, Pieter Brugal the Elder, and William Segar to enhance the historic aesthetic and give an accurate account of what food looked like in the early 15th century.