I’m Meagan! Welcome to my corner of the internet. I’m an experiential brand designer & creative director with a keen interest in designing holistic brand experiences.

→ Freelance Brand Designer 
Currently pt at White and Salt

Taos, NM (+ everywhere else)

Since I was a young lass, I’ve been giving hours of my day to crafting and creating. It was beaded friendship bracelets then, now it’s experience, motion, exhibit, layout, and brand design. After graduating with a BFA in graphic design at the Academy of Art University, I jumped into the role of Experiential Brand Designer at Gensler. I worked alongside a talented team to create holistic branded experiences for brands such as Google, Twitter, HP, Levi’s, and LinkedIn. My current role as a Brand Designer at White and Salt has me crafting visual identities for brands in the wellness, fashion, and beauty industry. My particular design interests lie within brand design, design strategy, art direction and exhibit design.

Art brings me a lot of joy & museums are my happy place. Currently I’m drooling over work from the mid century realism and modernism but have an appreciation for historic pieces and a soft-spot for weird contemporary art. I also love floral design, learning the piano, architecture and interior design, art history, naps, cocktail crafting, and ridiculous comedy movies (ie; anything from Seth Rogans brain).