Think Dirty – Rebrand

︎ brand identity design

︎ student project

Tasked with the challenge of rebranding an exisiting company, I choose to rethink the branding behind the clean beauty app, ThinkDirty.

The logo is inspired by the “approval” stamps often seen on documents, as well as icons seen on beauty packaging that verifies what’s in it and how it was made. Seeing the Think Dirty stamp of approval gives their consumers confidence that the beauty products are verified and safe to use.

The logo plays on the cheeky Think Dirty name by incorporating “good” and “bad” or “clean” and “dirty” contrast elements such as the bold and light typography and the outlined and filled shapes.

Biggest Takeaway ︎︎︎

A thoughtful design system can give a brand it’s own legs to stand on.  
The center shapes are abstract representations of the sun. The sun is what gives life to this earth, our bodies, and the plants in which most clean beauty products are made from. This modern nod to nature brings themes of freshness and organic to the viewers mind. Additionally, the line cutting through the sun represents the line that Think Dirty draws in the beauty industry.