Museum Staff

When dealing with multiple
data sets, simplicity is key
to ensure the user clearly
understands the data.

An interface that provides a clear and concise look into the demographics of the U.S. museum industry.

This project was an exercise in distilling complex data into visuals that were easily digestible. We were able to choose any topic, so I decided to focus on the diversity data of the collections, staff, and locations of top U.S. museums. The data was taken from a variety of sources and studies – that admittedly are slightly outdated – and compiled to give an overall glimpse into who is being represented in the art world.

Clarity was the main goal as I approached this challenge. A utilitarian system of fonts, colors, and compositions was crafted to ensure the data was easy to comprehend. Even at first glance, the user should visually understand the results of the data, while also feeling encouraged to dig deeper for more details.  

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