Museum Diversity

︎ information design

︎ UX/UI Design

︎ student project

This project was an excersise in distilling complex data into visuals that were easily digestable. We were able to choose any topic, so I decided to focus on the diversity data of the collections, staff, and locations of top U.S. museums. The data was taken from a variety of sources and studies (that admittedly are slightly outdated) and compiled to give an overall gimpse into who is being represented in the art world. 

Biggest Takeaway ︎︎︎

When dealing with multiple data sets, simplicity is key in helping the user clearly understand the data. 

*Also, a new survey needs to be conducted to better understand the current state of the art industry. There is a lot of work to be done to better reflect people from underrepresented race, gender, sexuality, and disability groups.